Artificial Intelligence + Broadway

A new factor of production


Broadway Insights introduces new sources of growth in the Broadway and Off-Broadway entertainment industry while reinforcing the role of people to make intelligent production and profitability decisions by providing them with unique insights that drive better decision making. Algorithmic data, comprised of a myriad of historical values unleashes new levels of performance for productions, allowing producers, directors, and writers to focus on creativity of new, and original product that will have the best chances for success on stage. 


Broadway Insights

Redefining what it means to be artificial

Broadway Insights leverages PLATO (Perceptive-Learning-Artificial Intelligence-Technology-Operating Platform) by, a cloud-based neural network. Built using a set of open APIs and SaaS products on the IBM and Google backbones, PLATO delivers cognitive technology that thinks & reasons like a human. It is changing the way business is done and how people live their lives through entertaining, interactive, natural language products for consumers and enterprises.


Amplify & transcend current capital capacities

By acting like a capital-hybrid, Broadway Insights offers the ability to amplify and transcend the current capacity of capital and labor within the production to increase the show’s success and overall revenue opportunity by providing insights that will drive informed decision making and result in ticket sales.

Intelligent Automation

Broadway Insights automates complex physical tasks in data assimilation, sourcing, and providing algorithmic outputs that drive intelligent profit decisions.

Labor & Capital Augmentation

Existing labor and capital can be properly focused on shows that have a much greater chance of overall market success. Labor can also be used much more effectively as Broadway Insights enables productions to focus on what they do best - imagine, create, and innovate.

Innovation Diffusion

Broadway Insights propels innovation as it diffuses through the industry.

Insights for Broadway

Cognitive search and content analysis


Broadway Insights gives the entire Off-Broadway and Broadway industry access to insights from all the data that stakeholders care about resulting in better decision making about new and on-going productions.  It searches and analyzes structured, unstructured, internal, external, and public content to uncover trends and patterns that provide industry stakeholders valuable insights about a production’s viability, audience metrics, anticipated ticket sales, advertising focus and trends, and audience attraction and engagement opportunities, resulting in business decisions that will put butts in seats.


Cognition visualized

An encapsulation of knowledge

Auto Evolving & Learning

The graph is rapidly updated as new data streams in. Models evolve and new concepts are learned to create living applications.


Knowledge represented in the graph can be traced back to the original data source to provide authenticity and visibility into the data lineage backing the application.

Universal Understanding

The graph fuses domain specific, concept-relationship ontologies with a representation of natural language. This provides a stable and unified basis for storing knowledge.